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Beach and Pool Promotional Products

April, May and June are popular times to send your customers and prospects warm weather, beach and pool side promotional items. Nearly 59 million Americans visit the beach at least once a year. Subliminal Branding creates meaningful customer touchpoints that are effective without being “in your face.”

In addition, with some of the restrictions imposed on beach advertising, no one will stop someone at a beach or local pool because they are carrying a bag with your logo on it.

Here are some popular ideas to get you started (please, ask if you want more ideas):

  1. Towel

  2. Ball

  3. Bag

  4. Chair

  5. Tote

  6. Umbrella

  7. Blanket

  8. Mat

  9. Glasses

  10. Toys

  11. Catalog here

Primary reasons people go to the beach or spend time at a pool

  1. Enjoy and relax

  2. Children can play

  3. Swim/Wade

  4. Water recreation

  5. Sand recreation

  6. Walk

  7. BBQ/Picnic

  8. Celebration/Party

  9. Surf

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