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Impress Your Clients with a Promotional Gift Made of Wood

Updated: Jan 19

There are many reasons why people love receiving gifts made of wood.

Here are just a few:

Unique: Many promotional giveaways these days are made of plastic, so when someone receives one made of wood, they can’t help but be impressed. Think of how much nicer a luggage or golf bag tag would be in wood, especially if it’s engraved with the person’s contact information.

The same goes for keychains, refrigerator magnets, coasters, and Xmas tree ornaments. Each of these can be personalized and they come in a variety of colors.

wooden luggage tags

Versatile: There are many different ways that wood can be used to stunning effect. For example, a real estate agent wearing an engraved name tag definitely makes a statement. And by giving new homeowners their keys on a wooden keychain, how impressive is that?

Eco-friendly: People now, more than ever are environmentally conscious. The message you would be sending by giving your clients and customers gifts made of wood speaks volumes. You can take this a step further by ordering promotional items made of sustainable wood, bamboo, or birch. Rather than ordering typical types of giveaways, make your gifts more personal. Think about what your client does for fun. If they love gardening, get them some wooden 5” to 7” garden stakes. Order them a little taller and they can be used for yard signs.

Suit All Industries: If you scan your client list you will likely find clients working in just about every industry. And every one of them would love to receive a wood product as a promotional gift. Perhaps they would even be interested in using them for their own giveaways. Nonprofits are always using promotional giveaways for donors.

Any business in the automotive industry, including mechanics, car dealerships, body shops, and etc. can give out wooden keychains. Hospitality establishments like hotels, resorts, and clubs can welcome guests with beautiful wood luggage tags and personalized wooden door hangers. Sports teams can recognize winners with wooden trophies.

Lightweight & Inexpensive: Wood products can be sent inexpensively through the mail due to their light weight. And most items are relatively low-cost, which makes them ideal for promotional giveaways. If you are looking for something that will wow your clients and customers, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful gift made of wood.


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