Mask wearing, an opportunity to get your hotel or restaurant brand noticed

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

It seems that mask wearing inside restaurants and hotels will be with us for a while. From our very small survey sample, it appears that most people would rather wear something more stylish than a surgical mask when going out. As the fashion industry and Cindy Crawford also seem to confirm, stylish and good quality masks are the new trend.

With that in mind, this new trend might be a great opportunity for hotels and restaurants to not only advertise how trendy they are but also how much they care for their customers. Imagine the amount of goodwill that can be generated when giving out a more fashionable branded mask to your guest and patrons.

Giving Out Masks

We recommend that you hand out the masks to guests and patrons rather than place them in a basket at the entrance of your establishment for anyone to take. This will further increase guests and patrons positive interactions and prevent mask hording. Your primary ? Would be guests and patrons who are wearing a surgical mask or have no mask at all. You might want to have a predominantly placed sign that mentions that you have fashionable and quality masks available (to give out or sell).

Mask Branding

In branding the masks, you will need to make sure that it is done in a subtle way. It is one thing to offer a quality mask, it is another to have it branded in such a way that people will surely not want to wear it outside of your hotel or restaurant. Bottom line is, you don't want to be the 'in your face' brand. Should you print or embroider the masks? Where should the print be? How large should the print be? What color masks should be selected? These are important questions to consider and might greatly depend on your target market (and budget).


Mask should be of reasonable quality as, again, people are more likely to wear the mask you give out (or sell) if it feels well made. We do recommend made in USA masks when possible as, not only will it further add to . Mask should also be comfortable to wear and as much one size fits all as possible.


Ultimately, the price of a mask is directly proportional to its cost (as with any other branded item). And cost, is directly correlated to the exposure the mask will give your hotel or restaurant brand and message If people wear it, your cost per impression will go down. Bottom line is, you might be tempted to go cheap only to find your branded mask in the closest garbage can outside of your hotel or restaurant.

Need a quote on masks? Please go HERE! We wish you great success!

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