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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is breast cancer awareness month and because of that, a lot of people wear the color pink. It is used to spread awareness of breast cancer research, breast cancer screening and hopefully save lives.

We have ten great product ideas for any Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

  • A pink polo shirts - It can be a women or men shirt. It is high tech, anti-microbial and moisture wicking. This is great for anyone who is staffing an event or if you want to go pink in October for your offices this is a great shirt idea for staff - Polos!

  • A cap - Some events held in October such as a walk or run festivals are outside so a cap is another great idea. Put your logo on the front or you can put a pink ribbon on there. people out in the sun will enjoy some shade - Caps!

  • A nice sizable tote - Great for staff members, for staffing events, when it's a walk or a run or some festival. People can put their personal belongings in the bag (sneakers , sweatshirts, towels, water bottle or other). These can given out to participants. In the tote, you can put a t-shirt, a bottle of water and energy bar for participants participating in the run or walk - Totes!

  • Handmade Clutch by the Women Knitters in Colombia - We found one made in Columbia by artisans. Each bag is an unique work of art, and the fascinating designs use vibrant colors, unique designs, and complex knitting techniques inspired by the elements of nature that surround the knitters’ every day lives. Not only can this type of clutch support breast cancer awareness, it can also support a good cause because when you purchase these, part of the money goes to the artists which helps other charities as well. This is a great gift to give to female staff members who might volunteer at upcoming events.

  • Drinkware Products - Some come with a message that says fight cancer. A great gift to give to anyone in your office and staff participating in events.

  • Bottle or cup cooley - You might be having a party for Breast Cancer Awareness and there might be cool beverages to drink and there might be a message on the cooley about fighting breast cancer. The nice thing about these is that people will use them year-round, not just in October. These will constantly be reminders about breast cancer screening and research.

Rally Towels - Breast cancer awareness does not just happen at walks and in doctor's offices. It also happens in stadiums throughout the country. Pro-athletes and college athletes will wear pink on their uniform and local high schools with sports clubs will do it as well. Schools can give them out but also local participating businesses can give these out at stadiums to remind people that screening is important.

  • A mini football - These can be thrown out to the stands or given out to the fans. It can have a great message on there that breast cancer research is important.

Remember, all October wear your pink, support Breast Cancer Awareness and research and on't forget to get your annual checkup.



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