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Discover hotel grand opening ideas planners and guests will love:

Updated: Jan 19

Making a brand's first impression is easier when you organize a grand opening event. Hoteliers are generally willing to invest in such events because they are confident their impact is worth it. To gauge people's interest, create brand awareness, and form long-term relationships, it's imperative to keep key objectives in mind before planning anything.

The challenge is getting your brand noticed and ensuring your potential customers understand your brand objectives.

Think of creative ways to impress your guests at your grand opening to make it the talk of the town. The use of balloons, streamers, and banners has become obsolete. A décor, color scheme, or theme should complement your hotel brand. Aesthetics like linens, drapes, signage, floral arrangements, and tableware should reinforce what your brand stands for. Make your hotel's interiors stand out with art pieces that reflect its vision.

Consider what your neighborhood or region is mainly known for when choosing the theme. As a result, your guests will appreciate your efforts in adding parts of local culture, and you will reflect your support for the local community.

Here are some hotel grand opening ideas to help you out.

1. Invite influencers and celebrities

A new hotel should always invite influential people to add some star power. Your event will attract more people if you invite a local celebrity or a social media influencer. Furthermore, you can persuade social media influencers to promote your grand opening event and your hotel brand online by sending them an invitation with a swag bag. Your event may also benefit from the participation of your local city councilors or mayor. As a result, your hotel will receive media coverage and gain positive public relations.

2. Personalized welcome gifts.

In addition to being one of the most straightforward hotel amenities on this list, it is also one of the easiest to implement. Make a personalized welcome gift for your guests based on what you know about them. You likely figured out why they're visiting (business, vacation, bachelorette party, etc.) and whether they're traveling with family, kids, pets, or their partner.

Ensure the room has kid-friendly treats, toys, and custom books if the guests are traveling with children. Make a small package of chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne for a couple's romantic weekend away. When they arrive, surprise them by having it waiting for them in their room.

3. Invite key stakeholders

A hotel grand opening's ultimate goal is usually to boost sales. It would be best if you cultivated existing relationships with clients and investors by inviting them. Talk business in a fun, casual setting to win over potential clients during this valuable face-to-face networking opportunity. You will likely receive business from prospects, meeting planners, executives, and other decision-makers who have a positive experience at your hotel's grand opening.

4. Host a live concert

Live music unites our souls better than anything else. If you plan a grand opening event for your hotel, you may consider inviting a local band to perform. It's possible to negotiate well and book them at a discounted price if you can guarantee them free publicity through the press present at your event. The audience will be amazed by sweet harmonies at a live performance accompanied by dinner. The best way to draw people to your event is with live music that is exciting, enjoyable, and creative. Doing so establishes your hotel as a place of enjoyment rather than merely as a business trying to make money.

5. Have a flair bartending show

Having a flair bartender perform a dazzling bartending show is another way to keep your guests entertained. Keep up your already thrilling event's excitement and demonstrate high-quality hospitality. Show off flairtending skills at your chic bar counter by juggling, flipping bottles, or manipulating flammable liquors. With such showmanship, the overall guest experience is enhanced, and visual entertainment is ensured.

6. Have a ribbon-cutting ceremony

It is traditional for a ribbon to be cut to mark the opening of any new business. You can give your guests a greater sense of timing when they arrive and see the big moment at your hotel's grand opening by holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Creating a significant impact with an inexpensive activity is one of the most effective ways. Ensure that this moment is memorable and happy. Celebrities, influencers, mayors, and other dignitaries may be honored guests. Local media will want to cover your big moment and the grand opening because of your guests and the ribbon-cutting.

7. Host a dress-up challenge

Inspire your guests with a theme costume challenge to build their competitive spirit. Use the hashtag for your grand opening event to encourage them to share their photographs on social media. We're giving away a free weekend getaway to your property to the person who gets the most impressions and engagement on their post. How about a spa voucher and a spa voucher for the bar?

8. Organize a fundraiser

A hotel brand that supports a social cause by holding fundraisers and giving donations establishes a positive reputation among the community. Building a relationship with patrons who feel strongly about a cause is possible by partnering with a charitable foundation. In addition, it personalizes your brand, adding more purpose to your business than just providing service to the community. Your grand opening event will also attract a great crowd.

Get ready for a memorable grand opening for your hotel! Don't forget that your grand opening event is a chance to make a great first impression. The opportunity won't come around again. Don't miss out on this opportunity to achieve your business goals and gain new customers using the abovementioned ideas.


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