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Hotel Back-to-School Giveaways

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

These Hotel events are all about giving back to the community and often include complimentary food, drinks, music, and free school supply giveaways, as well as a raffle to win a free overnight stays.

As every parent knows only too well, seeing that yellow school bus turn the first corner can bring about mixed feelings. Many will breathe a sigh of relief as their little ones head back to school, all ready to enter a new grade, make new friends and meet new teachers.

However, every mom and dad knows the sounds of high-fives and pops of champagne bottles will resound all over the city as parents everywhere rejoice!

Back to school giveaway events celebrate this special occasion by donating important school supplies to local kids, hoping to set a happy and successful tone for the new school year. A lot of children need essential equipment such as pencils, pens, markers, erasers, lunchboxes, and so on, and modern technology also calls for items like earbuds.

Donations are gratefully accepted and distributed at these back to school giveaways. Tasty snacks and drinks are often served at these fun events, along with raffles with great prizes that everyone can get excited about.

The back to school season is coming up very soon so there will be local back to school giveaway events for everybody to enjoy.

Popular Back To School Promo Items

  • String Backpack - HERE

  • Standard Backpack - HERE

  • Tote Bag - HERE

  • Lunch Bag - HERE

  • Lunch Box - HERE

  • Plastic Water Bottle - HERE

  • School Pouch - HERE

  • Scissors - HERE

  • School Stapler - HERE

  • Color Changing Cup - HERE

  • Book Mark - HERE

  • School Bus Stress Reliever - HERE

  • Pencil Stress Reliever - HERE

  • Pen/Pencil Holder - HERE


  • Pencil Sharpeners - HERE

  • Marker Set - HERE

  • Highlighters - HERE

  • Mechanical Pencil - HERE

  • Pencil Case - HERE

  • Colored Pencil - HERE

  • Mop Topper Pen - HERE

  • Erasers - HERE

  • Spiral Notebook - HERE

  • Padfolio - HERE

  • Padfolio - HERE


  • Flash drive - HERE

  • Phone Wallet - HERE

  • Calculator - HERE

Fun Time Play Time

  • Plush Bear - HERE

  • Coloring Book - HERE

  • Puzzle Book - HERE

  • Playing Dough - HERE

  • Jelly Beans - HERE

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