How to Select a Branded Umbrella

We offer hundreds of umbrella options for you next event, employee reward program or marketing campaign. There also are many feature variations, styles and colors. How do you select the right umbrella? In addition to sheltering you from rain and sun, consider these important features:

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  • Arc Size – Any umbrella smaller than 50 inches is not considered a golf umbrella. Most golf umbrellas measure from 50″ to to 68″ umbrella hotel(that’s really big)

  • Windproof – The larger the umbrella, the more you will want to have this feature. A double panel is usually the standard. It allows for the wind to pass between two panels while keeping rain out.

  • Open release method – Some umbrellas open manually, meaning you need to push the canopy up to open the umbrella. Some offer an easy automatic open button.

  • Wrap closure method – When not in use, a golf umbrella needs to wrap closed neatly. Some wrap options include a Velcro closure, a snap button, a pull and clamp, a sleeve…

  • The handle – Golf umbrella handles can be made of many types of material such as wood, plastic, fiberglass…. and can sometimes be coated with special materials for better grip. The size of the handle may also matter to your audience. Individuals with smaller hands may want a smaller handle. The shape of the handle can make it easier to hold the umbrella. Some handles are just typically rounded while others may have grip marks for a better hold.

  • The frame - The frame of the umbrella is often not considered and yet can be crucial to the durability of your golf umbrella. Frames should be made in a such a way that they will not puncture through the canopy material. The mechanics of the frame and material can vary greatly between golf umbrellas.

  • UV Resistance – For people who are going to be in the sun for extended periods, UV resistance may be an important factor. It adds little to the price and has a valuable “wow” effect on the people you give/sell the golf umbrellas to.

  • Printing methods available – If your logo is one color, then the printing method is pretty standard and will likley be a silk screen print. If your logo is multiple colors, then more options are available at greatly varying prices (transfers are most common). Ultimately, you want to make sure that the print quality is very good and will display you logo or message clearly and will be long lasting.

  • Quality – Quality will dictate how long the umbrella will last. Are the spines going to rip through? Will the automatic open button get harder to push. Will the shaft star to bend or break easily…

  • Ask questions, get a quote, get ideas!

The price difference between an average and a well made umbrella will often be small. The cost difference, on the other hand, can be huge. Meaning that when you select a better quality umbrella, it is likely to last much longer which means that your cost per impression is likely to be much lower. It is not just about the person you give the umbrella to but, maybe even more important, how many people see your logo/message . And there is the WOW value. having satisfied guests/customers is nice, but having delighted customers is more likely to yield repeat visits to your hotel, resort, restaurant…

if you are not sure which golf umbrella to select, please run your project ideas by us, and we will be happy to help answer your questions and guide you to what is likely to work best (maybe a golf umbrella is not what you need). You will not really know how an umbrella looks until you see the real thing. We recommend that you ask us to see samples before you decide.

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