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Matzah Bake Event Ideas

What is a Matzah Bake? Simply, it is an event where a small group or, at times a large group (sometimes hundreds) of women and men come together to Form, Press, Learn, Discover and Bake Matzah.

Matzah Baking is a women’s and men's mitzvah and an age old tradition in Jewish History for thousands of years. The power, spirituality, individuality, unity and friendship can be most felt in this Matzah bake setting. Every year something new is brought to the table. Whether people attend as repeat guests or first timers, the Matzah Bake event is a favorite.

Life is busy & we all need a reminder. Give your guests something that will help them remember this important event!

Popular items we can personalize with your message for your Matzah Bake

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