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This is my pen!!!!

I custom printed a great promotional pen for a local French bakery.

I found myself really enjoying writing with it. As a matter of fact I have wanted to take it with me everywhere. It became my favorite pen to write with.

Promotional Pen
Great Promotional Pen

Why is that? It writes smoothly, it has a good weight and it looks more expensive than it costs and it feels solid.

My point is, there are thousands of pen choices we can select from to put our brand name or message on. But if no one is going to use the pen and get a good feeling from using it and maybe make it into their favorite pen, the money will be pretty much wasted.

It is so important to select the pen that people will want to use, that I often recommend that clients request a sample and write with the sample and use it before ordering. In fact request a few samples and, if time permits, use the pens for a week or two.

May seem a bit overboard but irregardless of the amount of money you going to spend you want to make the most of it.



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