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12 oz Wine Tumbler

Updated: Jan 19

How many times have you been enjoying yourself at a tailgate only to realize that the beer you’ve been drinking is getting warm? Few things taste as unpleasant as a warm beer.

This year, purchase one of our wine tumblers and you’ll never have to deal with warm drinks again. Unless, of course, you want to keep a hot drink warm. Though the wine tumblers are designed for wine and cocktails, the vacuum-sealed insulation can keep coffee or tea hot for up to three hours.

Next time you’re packing for a tailgate, don’t leave your Ice Shaker at home. It may come in handy for a variety of uses. Mix Up a Cocktail The 12 oz. tumbler was designed in function and shape like a wine glass, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix up something else in this essential tailgating item. Bring the liquor along and concoct your favorite cocktail without worrying about melting ice or having to gulp down a warm gin and tonic.

Keep Your Beer Cold Beer is the staple item at any tailgating event, but it can get warm quickly, especially if you’re spending the afternoon outside in the sun. With our wine tumbler, you can easily remove the lid and pour your favorite brew right into the container. The insulated stainless steel will keep your beer cold for up to three hours without sweating or transferring that cold to your hand. Leave the koozie at home–the Ice Shaker wine tumbler is all you need. Plus, no need to worry about broken glass from beer bottles.

Our tumblers help maintain the Proper Wine Temperature Whether you're a fan of white or red wine, you know the temperature is important. On a warm summer day, a nice, cool white wine is the perfect refreshing drink to enjoy at a tailgate. When you bring our wine tumbler along, you never have to worry about your wine reaching room temperature. If you like popping an ice cube or two into your wine, our tumbler will help prevent it from melting before you finish the glass.

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