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Campaign Name: "Hello Guests! Steal Our Towel!"

Updated: Jun 17

  1. Welcome Letter in Rooms: Message: "Welcome to Your Favorite Hotel! We know our towels are irresistibly soft and stylish. We love that you love them too! So, go ahead, take one home as a keepsake of your amazing stay with us. It's on us! Share your towel's adventures with #YourFavoriteHotelTowel and get a chance to win a free night's stay! Safe travels and happy towel adventures!" Implementation: Place this letter in a prominent place in every room.

  2. Branded Towels: Design: High-quality towels featuring the Hello Hotels logo and a fun travel-related quote, like "Travel Companion" or "Adventure Buddy." Availability: Ensure these branded towels are in every room, ready to be taken home by guests.

  3. Social Media Campaign: Message: Subject: Take a Piece of Our Hotels with You! Dear [Guest], We’re thrilled to welcome you to Hello Hotels! We know your travels are filled with memorable moments, and we want our towels to be part of your journey. Feel free to take one of our branded towels home as a token of your stay. Don’t forget to share its adventures on social media with #YourFavoriteHotelTowel for a chance to win exciting prizes! Happy travels! Your Favorite Hotel Team Implementation: Send this email to guests upon booking and a reminder during their stay.

  4. Interactive Towel Map:

  • Message: "Where in the world is our towel?"

  • Implementation: Create a digital map on your website where guests can pin the locations where they’ve taken their Hello Hotels towels. Highlight and celebrate the most exotic or unusual locations.

  1. In-House Towel Shop:

  • Message: "Love our towels? Buy a full set to take home!"

  • Implementation: Offer matching towel sets for sale at the front desk or through the hotel’s online store.

  1. Guest Testimonials and Stories:

  • Message: "Our towels have traveled the world! Read about their adventures."

  • Implementation: Feature stories and testimonials from guests who have taken and shared their towel adventures on the hotel’s blog or in newsletters.


  • Brand Loyalty: Guests will appreciate the gesture and are more likely to return.

  • Social Media Engagement: Encourages guests to share their experiences, increasing online presence.

  • Memorable Experience: Enhances the guest experience, making their stay more memorable.

By embracing the idea of guests taking towels and turning it into a fun and engaging marketing campaign, Hello Hotels can create a positive and memorable connection with their guests.


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