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Color Choices for Trade Show Displays - FAQs

Creating the best emotion and mood for attendees at a trade show is essential to make a great impression. The colors that you select for your trade show displays will be subtle in delivering your message.

It's important to remember that not every event will have the same goals.

Undoubtedly, your goals and focuses will differ from show to show. In different shows, you may want to showcase different aspects of your business, products that are changing or new, and special offers that you are offering.

The subconscious feelings you evoke in your prospects may help you maximize the impact of your communications. The last thing you want is to purchase a new display every time your goals change. To change the colors of your message, think about changing out the table runners or the display graphics.

So much of the same! Will potential clients even remember you?

Choosing the right colors for your table runners can be tricky, so here are some general guidelines:

  • Passion and excitement are inspired by red, but danger and fierceness can also be conveyed by it. It may be better to use red for the lettering or as a border instead of making red the primary color.

  • For product launches, orange creates a vibrant vitality. It is crucial, however, not to make it too overwhelming as some visitors may find it too "loud."

  • There is something cheery about yellow, which brightens up people's days. If you use it when promoting an ambitious or progressive idea, it could subliminally cause caution.

  • Cool, refreshing relaxation is brought by green. It can be ideal when you do not want to excite your attendees with anything groundbreaking but want them to feel comfortable.

  • It's tricky to work with blue. The feeling of subduedness can easily lead to unhappiness, which is never good.

  • There is a strong link between purple, royalty, and dignity. The 16th-century trade shows in England were great for being regal, but the 21st-century trade shows aren't as great. Unless it directly affects your business, of course.

  • Pure, clean, and well-organized, white should be the cover color, not the table runner.

  • Negativity and emptiness are synonymous with black. It can be challenging to overcome such a rough impression, even if it looks sleek. However, many trade shows use black carpeting and black drapes!

Additionally, there are practical considerations to consider - for instance, white may match your message, but it can get dirty quickly depending on the location.

In conclusion, you should be aware that your color choices' subconscious, psychological overtones will impact your booth staff and clients. Select carpeting, mats and displays that convey subtle messages, be comfortable with your choices and be aware that cheap options like banner stands, table runners, and more could be used to quickly change colors and messages as needed.

Your Brand's Colors - What They Say About You

Attendees will be attracted to your booth based on the color scheme of your trade show graphics. What color scheme should you use to make your trade show graphics stand out? How can you increase traffic to your trade show using the right colors? Colors don't all work the same, and some colors will naturally draw in attendees who are more interested in learning more about your products and services than others. It would be best to design your trade show graphics with your company's color scheme, but remember that not all colors are created equal.

When used in marketing, each color has a different psychological meaning, so with help from HelpScout, we have analyzed the true meaning of seven (7) colors. By doing so, you will better understand what colors mean to trade show attendees when they approach your booth at trade shows. Let's take a look at what we learned.

Choosing colors for your trade show booth design - Trade Show Graphics


Positive energy, warmth, and clarity are associated with yellow. Yellow represents happiness in its most basic form. You'll be able to convey a sense of cheer and welcome to your audience by using yellow color schemes in your trade show graphics. In trade show graphics, this color exudes optimism and warmth, attracting attendees to your booth from various backgrounds. The color yellow is a primary color that complements the color purple.


Friendly, cheerful, and confident are all characteristics associated with orange. An orange trade show booth creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere for attendees by following yellow in its comforting nature. With its warmth and happiness, orange might exude assurance and conviction to consumers while at the same time attracting them as buyers. The color orange complements the color blue.


Boldness, excitement, and youthfulness are associated with red. As a result of the power that red portrays, it is one of the most popular colors for trade shows. Red is often associated with audacity, but it's also surprisingly stimulating. Red is visually exciting, so many exhibitors incorporate it into their trade show graphics. It is also known that the color red evokes a feeling of exploration, which, when incorporated into your trade show graphics, can make attendees more interested and attracted to your booth. A primary color, red, is complementary to green.


In terms of creativity, imagination, and sensibility, purple/violet stands for these factors. Purple is the perfect color for trade show marketing themes that incorporate a message of imagination. It will convey a message of inspiration and originality to trade show attendees. Additionally, purple is an excellent choice for companies launching new products or those working in creative fields. The color purple complements yellow well.


Trust, dependability, and strength are all associated with blue. Consider using a blue color scheme for your trade show graphics if your brand wants to portray itself as strong and bold. Using blue colors in your trade show booth graphics will convey steadiness and reliability to your audience. Orange is the complementary color of blue, which is a primary color.


The color green symbolizes healing, peace, and growth. As a color that symbolizes serenity and forward progress, green is a natural choice to represent sustainability. Brands wanting to connect with their audience can use green in their trade show graphics as a refreshing color. You can also use green to show how your brand has evolved. The color green complements the color red.


There is a calmness, balance, and neutrality associated with gray. Gray shades express a feeling of calm and composition to the audience. The objectivity of this shade will not suggest any strong feelings among attendees but will serve as a calm shade for companies that want to appear solid on the trade show floor without being over the top.

Changing your brand's trade show graphics color scheme or logo may not align with its values and goals, but don't fret! Consider re-branding your brand in a unique campaign or select colors that complement your brand's logo for your trade show graphics!

Lastly, don't be afraid to mix-and-match several colors to create a color scheme that better represents your brand's message. Multicolor booth designs are used by many brands to target a wide range of market segments and to create an appealing color scheme!

Need help with promo ideas and selecting the right displays, table covers, runners and floor mats for your next tradeshow? Please contact us!


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