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Great branded giveaway ideas for a flooring store

Branded giveaways for a flooring store serve multiple strategic purposes, each contributing to the overall success and visibility of the business.

Here are several reasons why branded giveaways are beneficial

  • Increased Brand Awareness: Giveaways featuring your store’s logo and branding help keep your name in front of potential and existing customers. Every time they use the item, they are reminded of your store.

  • Customer Loyalty: Providing useful and high-quality giveaways can foster a positive relationship with your customers, increasing their loyalty and likelihood of returning to your store for future purchases.

  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Unique and practical branded items often spark conversations. When customers use or display these items, their friends and family may notice, leading to organic word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Competitive Edge: Offering unique and practical giveaways can differentiate your store from competitors, making your business more memorable and appealing.

  • Practical Use: Many branded giveaways, such as furniture sliders or floor care kits, directly relate to the customer’s needs when it comes to flooring, enhancing their overall experience with your products and services.

  • Customer Engagement: Giveaways can be part of a larger promotional strategy that engages customers, such as contests, loyalty programs, or special events. This increased interaction can lead to stronger customer relationships.

  • Perceived Value: High-quality branded items can enhance the perceived value of your business. Customers may associate the quality of the giveaways with the quality of your flooring products and services.

  • Enhanced Shopping Experience: Giveaways can improve the overall shopping experience. Practical items like measuring tapes or DIY repair kits can help customers during their purchasing process, making it easier and more enjoyable.

  • Promotion of New Products: If you introduce new flooring types or related products, branded giveaways can help promote these new offerings and encourage customers to explore them.

  • Increased Foot Traffic: Announcing a giveaway promotion can attract more customers to your store, increasing foot traffic and the potential for sales.

  • Positive Brand Association: Customers who receive useful, branded items are more likely to develop a positive association with your brand. This can translate into a favorable impression and increased trust in your products and services.

  • Long-Term Marketing: Items like coasters, area rugs, or yoga mats have a long lifespan and will continue to market your brand over an extended period, providing long-term advertising benefits.

Here is a top selection

  • Branded Socks: Offer high-quality socks with your store’s logo. Choose different styles, such as cozy home socks, athletic socks, or dress socks.

  • Slippers: Provide branded indoor slippers, perfect for showcasing the comfort of new flooring.

  • Flip Flops: Customize flip flops with your logo for a fun and casual giveaway, ideal for the summer season.

  • Measuring Tape: A branded measuring tape is a practical tool for customers planning their flooring projects.

  • Foot Massagers: Offer small, portable foot massagers with your logo, highlighting the comfort aspect of new flooring.

  • Doormats: Branded doormats can be a practical and visible giveaway for customers to use at their entryways.

  • Branded Yoga Mats: Offer high-quality yoga mats with your logo. They tie into the idea of comfort and relaxation, which can be associated with new flooring.

  • Bamboo Massaging Hair Brush: The Bamboo Massaging Hair Brush is an oval handle brush with soft rounded bristles that provide a gentle massage for your scalp. Great for detangling or for use on wet hair. It can emphasize the comfort and wellness benefits of your products.

  • Flooring Design Consultation Vouchers: Provide vouchers for a free or discounted flooring design consultation, adding value and encouraging customer engagement.

  • And more: 12-IN-1 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL WOOD HAMMER, Large Wood Bottle Opener, 28 oz. Challenger Travel Mugs with Wood Finish, 18" Wood Baseball Bat, Light Wood Tone Miami Sunglasses...

Overall, branded giveaways are a versatile marketing tool that can enhance customer satisfaction, boost brand recognition, and drive sales for a flooring store.


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