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Improving Tipping Practices For Housekeeping Staff

Updated: Jun 18

Improving tipping practices for housekeeping staff can be greatly enhanced with thoughtfully designed branded merch. that subtly prompts guests while maintaining your hotel’s high standards of hospitality. Here are some ideas for branded merchandise that can encourage tipping:

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1. Branded Tip Envelopes

Hotel-branded tip envelopes placed in guest rooms can serve as a polite reminder for guests to consider tipping. These envelopes can have a message about the importance of tipping for exceptional service and space for the guest to write a personal note.

2. Branded Stationery with Tipping Guide

Provide a small booklet or card with hotel-branded stationery that includes a brief guide on tipping etiquette. It can be placed on the desk or bedside table, detailing how tips can be left and suggesting amounts for various services, including housekeeping.

3. Custom Door Hangers

Design door hangers with your hotel branding that include a discreet reminder about tipping the housekeeping staff. These can be hung on the inside of the guest room door, ensuring that guests see them regularly.

4. Information Cards in Welcome Packs

Include your hotel-branded information card in the welcome pack or folder provided to guests upon check-in. This card can highlight the exceptional service provided by the housekeeping team and suggest ways to leave a tip, including mentioning specific employees.

5. Branded Gratitude Envelopes with a QR Code

Create hotel-branded envelopes with a QR code that guests can scan to leave a digital tip directly to the housekeeping staff. This is especially useful for guests who may not carry cash. The envelope can explain how the tip will be distributed among the staff or credited to a particular employee.

6. Branded Thank You Notes

Provide hotel-branded thank you notes in the guest rooms (housekeeping designed post-it notes can work well), with a small section encouraging guests to leave a tip for exceptional service. These notes can be personalized by the housekeeper, adding a personal touch that might prompt a tip.

7. Custom Tent Cards

Place hotel-branded tent cards on the nightstand or bathroom counter with a gentle reminder about tipping. These can include a brief message about how tips can make a big difference to the housekeeping staff.

8. Digital Reminders on In-Room Tablets

For rooms equipped with in-room tablets, hotels can incorporate digital reminders or pop-ups about tipping etiquette and options for leaving digital tips. The tablet interface can be branded and designed to be unobtrusive yet informative.

9. Personalized Service Cards

Housekeeping staff can leave hotel-branded service cards after cleaning a room, with their name and a brief thank you note. This personal touch can remind guests to leave a tip for the specific employee who provided outstanding service.

Implementation Tips

  1. Design and Messaging: Ensure that all branded materials are designed to blend seamlessly with your hotel's luxury brand image. The messaging should be polite and appreciative, emphasizing gratitude for excellent service.

  2. Visibility: Place these items in prominent locations within the guest room where they are easily noticeable but not intrusive.

  3. Consistency: Implement these reminders consistently across all your hotel properties to build a uniform guest experience and establish a culture of recognition for housekeeping staff.

By incorporating and even combining branded merch items with other effective options, hotels can prompt guests to leave tips for housekeeping staff, ensuring that these hardworking employees are recognized and rewarded for their exceptional service.


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