Pesach/Passover Promotional Product Ideas

As we leave Purim behind, there is not much time to focus on Passover. Yet, it is a wonderful time to reach out to your community and friends with your special gift(s) and message. Passover/Pesach this year (2019) will fall on the evening of Friday, April 19 and will end after sundown on Saturday, April 27th.

Promotional Bag Passover Pesach
Promotional Bag Passover/Pesach

Here are some wonderful ideas you may want to consider

  • A nice but inexpensive giveaway BAG to hold two or more matzo, a small grape juice and a small Pesach/Passover guide. If given to seniors, a MAGNIFIER BOOK MARK for reading the Haggadah

  • A nice but inexpensive 4 OZ GLASS for the 4 cups (we printed one, the glass was made of plastic and came out very nice)

  • An APRON - who could not use an apron on this holiday of "large amount of potato and other vegetable eating?"

  • A PLATE with a print of the seder theme (you add your name around the edge)

  • An Urchatz TOWEL (hand towel)

  • A WOODEN SPOON for bedikas chametz (search for chametz)

  • And of course, a PILLOW CASE to cover the pillow some lean on on Pesach

  • Feel free to send us your own ideas!

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A Bit About Passover/Pesach?

- Ask questions, get a quote, get ideas! -