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Custom Journals Made With Recycled Records

Updated: Jan 19

Custom Journals made with records have a classic look and feel with a vintage eye-catching vibe. Available in two sizes, the journals each have their own unique set of features that will make them your favorite place to record your thoughts. Both sizes contain 80 sheets (160 pages) of lined paper and a vintage vinyl record on the cover. The repurposed records are always in good condition, without any major scratches or scuffs. We print and apply new custom record labels with your artwork over the original labels (and trust us, these are not records anyone was going to listen to ever again - think instrumental piano renditions of movie soundtracks and Lawrence Welk polka tunes!)

Journals Made With Recycled Records

The records are smooth to the touch and have a great tactile quality due to the shiny grooves in the vinyl and smooth rounded corners. And yes, the music is still in there - if you can figure out how to load these onto your turntable, you can give them a listen!

Our Large Journal measures 8.25" tall by 5.5" wide and 3/4" thick with a 4" diameter record label. It has a handy elastic closure and the back cover is wrapped in soft-touch poly-leather. These are a fan favorite for meetings, store merch and event swag.

The Small Journal comes in two flavors: LP and 45rpm. The LP version features a 4" record label, and the 45rpm version includes a 45rpm adapter (the blue doohickey in the photo), which was a staple in every home back in the day.

Fun fact: 45s were originally made for jukeboxes, which needed the large hole to automatically load the records in the machines; the adapter made it possible to play these smaller records on a home turntable. The Small Journals measure 5.5" x 3.5" x 1/2" thick and are 100% made in

Journals Made With Recycled Records

USA! These budget-friendly books are great for university bookstores, gift bags, wedding party gifts and band merchandise.

Add-on options include inside cover branding, full color belly-bands and individual cello bags. Give us a shout to request samples, virtuals, or just to say hi! The aesthetic is all about the shiny record grooves Small Journals - LP and 45rpm versions Choose from add-ons like belly bands and clear cello bags

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