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Promotional Bags: One Of The Best Way to Get Your Brand Noticed

Custom printed promotional bags are one of the best way to get your brand noticed. They are essentially your mobile billboard carried around by people who may not have a vested interest in your brand, and thus, carry (no pun intended) a bigger impact.

The popular Izzy promotional bag

Too often, though, marketers and business owners, go for what is cheap. Though, cheap may work in some situations such as very short term exposure and goodwill, it never works for long term impacts on your brand.

Two main problems with "cheap bags". First of all, a cheap bag will quickly look horrible and may send the wrong message about your brand, or maybe even worse, it will quickly get thrown out. The funny thing is, if the marketer or business owner had, at time, just spent a little more, they would have had a bag that actually did the intended job.

It is amazing to us that, marketers who purchase promotional bags, will spend much time on the design/message to print, but give little attention to the bag they select.

As you may have noticed, more and more retailers no longer offer bags at check out. Which means that, customers, now have to bring their own bags. If they have a choice between a horrible looking bag and a better quality nicely printed one, which do you think they will want to use? If your bag is eco-friendly, that will add further to the appeal. If it is multi functional, that will even add more to the appeal. We can keep adding to how great your promotional bag can be but do understand that there are limits to your budget.

It is best to get just one or get fewer types of promotional items as giveaways (or sellaways) and make sure they are of better quality than get many that may fall apart quickly and/or frustrate the end user.

All of this and more is why you need to go beyond basic online shopping and make sure that you work with someone who is not just going to get you a cheap quote for a bag that may or may not get the results you want. And, by the way, hiring someone to help you along does not mean you will pay more for the bags. As a matter of fact, for the same quality bag, you may end up paying less with a professional. Your are certainly much more likely to get a far lower cost per impression.

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