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The Right Promotional Products Can Leave a Lasting Impression on Clients

An effective advertising and marketing strategy is vital to growing a successful business. There are many different ways of doing this, which include social media, and even billboards. But if your goal is to keep customers coming back, you need to consider promotional products and selecting the right ones is key. The most effective promotional items are things that your customers will find very useful in their everyday lives. You want to choose items that they will be excited about getting, something they need and will use for a long time to come.

The effectiveness of a promotional product is usually measured by how many times it can be used over the course of its lifetime. These count as “impressions” because the person using the item is constantly being exposed to its branding. Therefore, the item’s lifetime depends on how useful it is and how long it will last before wearing out and being thrown away.

Stretch your marketing budget to the max by selecting from some of these highly popular promotional products

Custom Clothing Items

T-shirts - No doubt you’ve seen sports fans going crazy with excitement when they are the lucky ones catching the t-shirt being

Promotional Products

shot out of the cannon. Who on Earth doesn’t want a free t-shirt? Millions of them are being sold all over the world year-after-year. Furthermore, studies show that 85% of the people who receive a promotional t-shirt remember the name of the company they got it from. This is why theme parks, restaurants, sports teams, political candidates, rock bands, and a lot of other entities continually order custom t-shirts with their graphics on them to give out to their customers, supporters, and/or fans.

It is estimated that a clothing item like a t-shirt will get 3,400 impressions over its lifetime, which is why they’re such a popular promotional item.

Custom Polo Shirts - Most entrepreneurs when deciding on where to put their advertising dollars carefully calculate the potential return on investment (ROI). Contrary to popular belief, custom polo shirts offer a much easier and more effective solution than running TV and radio ads.

Their popularity can generate surprisingly good results for your advertising dollars. During the shirts lifetime, it will give your business a huge number of impressions, making your cost-per- impression as inexpensive as it comes in terms of advertising dollars.

Because polo shirts are extremely comfortable to wear, while being a little more formal than a typical t-shirt, there’s always a huge demand for them in the marketplace. What this means is that it’s very unlikely that you would find anyone who would turn down a free promotional polo shirt.

It is estimated that a promotional polo shirt will get 2,300 impressions over its lifetime, which is why they remain so popular among business owners.

Outerwear - If you are looking for a promotional product that appeals across genders and nearly all age groups, and will keep customers coming back, you can’t go wrong with outerwear. The only exception would be people from 25-34 years old, who when surveyed said that outerwear was their 2nd favorite promotional item.

Promotional outerwear would be items like winter coats, cozy shirt jackets (a.k.a. shackets), bomber jackets, and rain slickers. These are some of the most effective giveaway promotional items, especially in the Northeastern states of the U.S.

Promotional outerwear items have proven to be among the most useful, valuable, and appealing giveaways for helping small businesses as well as large corporations grow brand recall and loyalty. Company branded jackets are usually worn all the time by customers for an average of 16 months or longer, which translates to a low per-impression cost.

It is estimated that promotional rain slickers, windbreakers, and jackets will get 6,100 impressions over its lifetime, which is why business owners keep giving them out like candy.

Headwear - You’ve probably noticed that everyone seems to be wearing some sort of hat these days. Rihanna was seen wearing that huge Jacquemus straw hat all summer long, as was Jessica Chastain. And Kim Kardashian was seen wearing a Dior visor on Instagram. We’re also seeing men wearing this year’s dad hat with the Hidden Valley Ranch brand on it. Apparently, headwear has become the fashion accessory of the day!

This doesn’t come as any surprise as athleisure is still dominating streetwear and Gen Z-ers and Millennials seem to always be looking for trendy accessories to make them stand out. So, why not help them along with a great looking promotional hat, visor, or cap? Logo hats have become extremely popular as they give the wearer an opportunity to make a statement to the world when wearing one.

Promotional hats, caps, visors, and the like generate an estimated 3,400 impressions over the course of their lifetime. So, why not join the bandwagon?

Reusable Custom Bags

Totes - Go online to any website selling promotional products, and you will find a ton of tote bags to choose from. It’s clearly because people are more aware than ever of the damage one-use plastic grocery bags have caused the environment. Millennials are the ones who appreciate promotional products the most. Studies show that people 18-29 years old take reusable totes with them when shop for groceries, which is why a lot of businesses hand out totes with their branding on them.

Backpacks & Drawstring Bags - Many business owners choose backpacks and/or drawstring bags when selecting promotional items. These bags can be given to attendees at any type of business event. The host can fill them with necessary paperwork, the attendee’s ID badge, and some freebies while making sure that each guest gets theirs at the door.

Tote bags, drawstring bags, and backpacks are estimated to garner 3,300 impressions over the course of their lifetime, making reusable bags a very popular promotional item among business owners.

Branded Drinkware

Coffee Mugs - Americans love nothing more than starting the morning with a hot cup of their favorite coffee! It’s a fact that Americans drink an estimated 66 billion cups of coffee in any given year. Not a million, but a billion with a B! So, if you own a business you probably want to be in on one of the biggest trends of all time, which is custom coffee mugs. These are at the top when it comes to promotional items. You can’t go wrong by ordering a bunch emblazoned with your branding to give to your customers.

Reusable Water Bottles - Just about everyone these days understands how important it is to stay hydrated. Since 2017, people have been buying and drinking more bottled water than soft drinks and the trend is only continuing. Reusable water bottles are now one of the most popular promotional items among business owners. If you’re still not convinced, just meander through a shopping mall, or look at photos on Instagram and you’ll see people carrying trendy water bottles in every setting. Your customers would be thrilled to receive one from you advertising your business.

Reusable Tumblers & Glassware - Along with coffee mugs, reusable water bottles, branded tumblers, and assorted glassware all together are estimated to garner 1,400 impressions over the course of their lifetime. Why not take the plunge and order some with your logo on them?


What is so valuable about the aforementioned promotional item giveaways is that they are long-lasting, relatively inexpensive, and garner a lot of impressions. This is why it is crucial that you consider them when devising your marketing strategy. Look at the benefits of these

promotional giveaways and compare them with other ways of spending your advertising budget and I’m sure you’ll conclude that these make a lot of sense!


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