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Senior Living Facilities Marketing, Staff & Resident Support

Senior Living 101

There are many types of senior facilities and each type may have very different requirements when it comes to accommodations for residents and staff care. Here are some of the most common.

Independent Living (“IL”): This housing option is for older adults who can still live

independently, but who don’t want property maintenance responsibilities and who could benefit from certain services and amenities that facilitate retirement living.

Assisted Living (“AL”): Assisted living residents do not need the level of care offered by a nursing home, but do require a moderate level of nursing and personal care support with things like housekeeping, medication management and more.

Memory Care: This is long-term specialized care for people suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia and other types of memory problems.

No matter which type of facility you are operating, taking care of employees and residents should be of outmost importance. Residents want to feel cared for and the staff needs to be appreciated for the great efforts they expand to care for the residents.

In light of that, we are here to help you with the following and more:

Staff Uniforms

Senior living communities rely on a variety of employees, including nurses, front desk staff, drivers, maintenance personnel, cooks and more. For safety reasons and the confort of the residents, most employees are required to wear logoed uniforms. Each facility has its own specific needs and, in some instances, uniforms might even need to be custom made. Here are some ideas of uniforms and tags!

Welcome Gifts

Operators of senior living facilities often like to provide new residents with move-in gifts. Gifts should be both useful and welcoming. There many items that are popular but some are more popular than others. Here, we have put together a list of some of the most popular.

Staff Gifts

Senior living providers aim to minimize churn and keep staffers engaged and motivated. One way they seek to accomplish that is through employee gifting. Such a great way to say thank you and appreciate what the staff does for the senior community and the proper operation of yoru facility.

Special Events

Staff and family members of residents at senior living communities sometimes participate in walks and similar fundraisers to support the fight against Alzheimer’s, dementia and other diseases that afflict seniors. Providing participants with team shirts and other products – water bottles, wristbands – they can use in their do-gooding is a great way to be involved with your resident seniors and the community at large.


Salespeople often need brochures and giveaways that they can give out to the senior living community and give to prospective residents or families who are interested in placing a love one in assisted living or memory care. Everything from mugs to umbrellas..(see ideas here).


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