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Giveaways For Seniors & Senior Living Communities

Although senior living communities and private home can feature a wealth of stimulating activities, amenities, and services that seniors can take advantage of to enhance a senior's retirement years, seniors need to feel remembered and appreciated.

Family, friends and caretakers can accomplish this through these and other simples steps.

  • Ask them for advice

  • Show Interest

  • Promote creativity

  • Give more compliments

  • And more!

Seniors appreciate being part of something big such as a programs they can be involved with or be part of such as:

  • Group Exercise Classes.

  • Wii Sports.

  • Walking Clubs.

  • Gardening Clubs.

  • Book Clubs.

  • Continuing Ed or Art Classes.

Seniors also enjoy receiving gifts that are meaningful to them that they can share with others such as during the holidays. Or gift that are Individualized and more personal.

That is where we would like to be involved and be part of one of your special programs. Here are some ideas that should be much appreciated and put a smile on a seniors's face (as we have seen on pictures sent to us). These can all be customized with your beautiful message and logo. Some can even be Individually customized with each senior's name.

Each link to the ideas above take you to one or several ideas on our catalog. Please, tell us which ideas you like and we will be happy to show you additional options (if needed) and make it work within your budget. Please call us at 386-400-2666 or send us a message here!

Please, remember that all plans can be Tailored to your program's needs. If you are not sure which promo items might work or you are looking for something different, please contact us. As much as you do, we want to ensure that your senior program is successful.


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