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The staycation is in!

Right now you have an opportunity you didn’t previously have. While the big hotel players in your area may have been established before covid, this is no longer the case. People want new, they want to get out and do something outside the four walls they’ve been stuck in during all the consecutive lockdowns.

The staycation is in, and you want that when people think ‘What should I do?’ your hotel’s name is the first thing in their mind. One great way to do this? Every hotel has rooms to sleep in, but what sets hotels apart, as has been seen time and again, is service. Think covid can stop that? Be the first person to prove your customers’ assumptions wrong!

You now have new ways to show your customers that you care! One way I’ve experienced personally, that left a great impression on me, was replacing breakfast with a grab-n-go bag of breakfast items, granola bars, yogurts. Heck, make their day and throw in an ice coffee! Want them to feel extra comfort, no matter their level of covid caution?

A small cleanliness amenities bag, given at check-in, with items such as a spare mask and a mini hand sanitizer, go a long way in showing you understand their hesitation in going out, but you’ve got them covered while they’re at your location.

Better yet, to make that service stick? Put those items in bags with YOUR logo on it! Let their impression of your business travel with them when they’re using the items as they go about their days from your location! See how quickly they tell others about your service, and how it stands above and beyond!


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