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Babka Bake Event Ideas

Babka is a tasty dense cake, although it looks a little like a bread. It's a sweet yeast dough filled with fudgy chocolate or cinnamon in layers and baked. It also sometimes has a streusel on top. You may recognize it as that beautiful piece of cake/bread with hundreds of swirls of chocolate or cinnamon.

It is a favorite on Jewish tables for Shabbat and holidays!

A Babka Bake Event Brings mothers, sisters, girlfriends and Social Club members together to make babka. At Bakba Bakes, women will be rolling, smearing and shaping babka. These events are perfect for all skill levels.

This is an experience many will not want to forget and will be excited to bring custom printed items home as a reminder of this fun filled event!

Whether your event brings together a large group or small group of women to bake babka we can help. And yes, many of our customers get end column prices on small orders!

Life is busy & we all need a reminder. Give your guests something that will help them remember this important event!

Popular items we can personalize with your message for your Babka Bake

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