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Custom Branded Coloring Books

In this world of digital almost everything it is amazing to see how Children and Adult Coloring Books have become very popular.

Coloring books are most useful and very affordable promotional items and can be custom printed with your message or logo in multiple colors. Some can even offer custom content based on your specific message. Coloring books are not just for play, they can also educate children and adults about safety and more. As gifts they have shown to encourage reciprocity and positively enhance brand and message.

As they are inexpensive items, coloring Books are often used for fundraising purposes for schools, clubs, teams, houses of worship... to increase brand knowledge and raise money for special causes.

For example, an alternative healthcare office can give out a coloring book specific to healthy foods to eat.

A local police station can educate adults and children on safety in an effective and yet non-threatening way.

We have also seen hotels hand out coloring book that included the history of the hotel and the benefits of being eco-friendly.

When selected and done properly, coloring Books can have a valuable impact on brand exposure.

There are three main types of popular color books. Here we have also included puzzle books.

If you are not sure which will work best for your organization, please ask us. The advice is FREE! And we will likely save you time and money in the process.

Adult Coloring Books: 7 Benefits of Coloring

  • Relaxes Your Brain and Improves Brain Function.

  • Induces Meditative State.

  • Improves Motor Skills.

  • Improves Sleep.

  • Improves Focus.

  • Reduces Anxiety.

  • Relieves Stress.


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