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Custom Tartan Roll-Up Blanket

What a better way to enjoy fireworks! But Hey, why not make some of your own with a handy blanket.

This large 51 by 69 inch washable roll up blanket is 100% acrylic and comes in brown, burgundy or white Tartan. it also has a very handy leatherette strap for easy carrying.

Ensure your brand stays covered all year long, with the Tartan Roll-Up Blanket! Soft, stylish & easy to carry, it's perfect to break out no matter what the season.

The strap has a perfect area to show off your brand or message either screen-printed or debossed.

This is your security blanket for all Seasons!

Store it in your trunk for winter emergencies and Breakdowns. Pull it out in the summer for the perfect picnic or for springtime stargazing or to cozy up on a cool autumn night. So always be ready with The Tartan roll up blanket.



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