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Make Your Midscale (& Bigger Brand) Hotel Standout With Better Branding

Updated: Jan 19

Over the last ten years consumer preferences have undergone a shift, affecting both ends of the value spectrum. This is apparent in retail and other sectors including hospitality. Midscale hotels are being squeezed out as travelers are now opting for cheaper accommodations on business trips but want something more upscale and luxurious on pleasure trips.


At a recent Hospitality Investor’s Council meeting, seasoned stakeholders said that in order to effectively compete, midscale hotels must evolve with the times and that means meeting consumer needs. According to experts, one aspect of that evolution could be to consider a change in branding. We feel that this advice really applies to all size hotels (see more here)

The reason this matters is because mid-market hotels will face tremendous challenges in the years to come. If these assets are unable to meet them, many industry professionals predict a slow but steady decline. Not a lot of people want to stay at big identikit hotels these days unless they offer tremendous value. Evolving consumer demand will ultimately trickle down and affect the transaction market. What this means is that differentiation is crucial, so many of the largest midscale hotel chains are choosing to implement lifestyle branding.

If you can create a brand that can’t be mistaken for any other it will support a higher price point and that will quickly increase the bottom line. If you look at the logos of many prominent hotel chains, you could switch them around and most consumers wouldn’t even notice. Developing truly unique branding gives you an opportunity to break the mold of sameness and stand out in the crowd.


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