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Useful Promotional Items that Hotel Guests Would Love to Receive

Updated: Jan 19

Hotels are no longer the only game in town when it comes to accommodations because of all the options being offered by Airbnb. What this means is that hotels must find creative ways to attract travelers. If you own or manage a hotel or resort, how can you leave guests with a strong lasting impression when they stay with you so infrequently?

The key is finding ways to more personally connect with your guests in order to solidify the memories they make staying at your establishment. By selecting the right promotional gifts you increase your odds of maintaining customer loyalty, even when they’re away. You want to choose items with a lengthy lifetime, so that recipients will constantly be reminded of their stay in your establishment, not to mention your generosity. By nurturing these relationships you enhance the guest experience, and ensure their return.

Here are the types of promotional items that we recommend for hotels and resorts:

Personal Care Products

Giving your guests a way to relax will do wonders to enhance their experience. You’ve already filled the bathroom with all the toiletries they would need, so you may as well get creative by offering them something more lasting. With your custom branding on these items, your guests

are reminded of their stay every time they use them. It’s easy to get excited when selecting personal care products. Just imagine what your guests would likely use over and over again, long after they’ve left your establishment.

Here is a list of our top choices for personal care promotional items:


Most adults savor a cup of hot coffee when they first get up in the morning, and that includes when they’re on vacation. So, you have an opportunity to give them the type of drinkware they can use whether they’re staying with you, elsewhere or even at home. Many times travelers fail to bring their own reusable drinkware with them. By giving them a piece of drinkware that collapses, or one that can easily fit in their luggage, you’ll be doing them a huge favor. And this is something they won’t soon forget because they’ll keep using it.

Below are the drinkware items that we recommend highly for hotel giveaways:


Branded apparel items that your guests would love wearing make very effective promotional items because they will serve as walking ads for your hotel or resort. Furthermore, a lot of travelers buy souvenirs to remember their trip and many of these are branded wearables. So, it’s a near certainty that they would love being given a pair of sunglasses,

a visor, or ball cap from you for free. You may also want to consider selecting something with a higher perceived value like branded sweatshirts or fleece jackets. If these are not in your budget for giveaways, you could always sell them in your gift shop.

Here is a list of the apparel items that we recommend most for hotels:

Power Banks

It’s not only extremely inconvenient to be stuck with a dead phone while traveling, but it’s also potentially dangerous! A promotional gift that your hotel guests would definitely appreciate and use for years to come is a branded power bank or portable phone charger. This can be given to guests at check-in, or you may choose to sell them in your gift shop. By branding them attractively, your guests will appreciate them even more and constantly be reminded of how much they enjoyed staying at your hotel.

Here are the branded power banks that we consider to be the best for hotels: Go HERE

Tote Bags

When presenting promotional products, it needs to be done in a way that results in the most brand awareness. Putting everything in a branded tote bag is a very effective way of doing this. Tote bags get a lot of mileage, since the average length of time people use them is 11 months, which translates to a total of about 3,300 impressions. Also, travelers usually buy a lot of things on their trips, so they are often in need of some way to carry everything. Tote bags are not only useful, they also make a very thoughtful gift for your guests.

Which factors should be considered when selecting tote bags for promotional giveaways? Studies show that quality is a top consideration, along with attractiveness, and utility. Tote bags with these characteristics are highly likely to have a positive effect on your brand.

Please go HERE

Promotional Items Can Make Your Hotel Guests’ Stays More Memorable

Standing above the crowd in the hospitality industry is quite challenging, which is why it’s crucial to ensure that your guests have an enjoyable and memorable stay. Hotels that offer their guests really nice but very useful promotional items have the edge. Studies show that 85% of consumers across the world remember the businesses that offered them a free branded item. When you consider that freebies aren’t very common in the hospitality industry, spending your ad budget on top-quality promotional products will help your hotel stand out in the crowd. Why not ensure that your guests as happy and satisfied as possible while staying at your hotel?


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