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Do You Have Cheap Car Magnets?

Philippe MD - PE Staff

A conversation

Client emailed: Do you make car magnets?

I replied: Yes! Do you know what size you need? Or do you want me to just send you quotes for standard sizes (which is usually cheaper)? Thank you!

Client: Quotes for standard sizes please. Looking for round or oval. Thanks! No cheap magnets!

I replied: OK, I will have quotes for you later today. Thank you!

I replied later in the day: Hello Mrs. Client, Price on magnets would be as follows. These are all outdoor magnets. Minimum order is 50. If you need more, it would be cheaper: 2×4 Oval at $0.89/magnet – 3×5 Oval at $1.09/magnet – 4×6 Oval at $1.59/magnet and 4 inch round at $1.09/magnet – 5 inch round at $1.69/magnet – I also have a 3 inch. This does not include shipping. Thank you! Philippe

Client: How much would the oval ones be for 200? or 250?

I replied: 125 magnets to 249: 2×4 at $0.79/magnet – 3×5 at $0.99/magnet – 4×6 at $1.39/magnet AND 250 Magnets: 2×4 at $0.48/magnet – 3×5 at $0.71/magnet – 4×6 at $0.81/magnet. Thank you!

Client: Thank you! Lastly, is there a set up or shipping fee? And what is the turnaround time? Thanks! I am pricing this out now and hoping you are able to get me the best deal. Thanks for giving me all this information.

I replied: There is no set up fee. Shipping is $20

Client: Hi, Thank you so much for looking into all of this for me. I appreciate your time. Since I am looking into this for my company, I obviously need to find the place that is least expensive. Looks like I found someone that will be about $100 cheaper. I know you give us the best prices you can offer – unless you think you can get it for us for less? Thank you again.

I replied: Hello Client, Of course there always is cheaper. The ones I quoted you are 30 mil and of very good quality material and UV resistant printing and I will never quote you the cheap stuff. The funny thing is, I just did a car magnet job for a locksmith and when the client went to remove the “cheap magnets” he bought from somewhere else, not only did he see that the print had faded away fast but the magnets fell into a brittle mess that left a mark on his van.

That experience educated him on why quality really matters and reinforced my decision to offer only quality items and printing.

But I do understand how you feel. have a wonderful day.

Client did not respond yet! Moral is: The client may or may not decide to order from us. Irregardless, never, never undermine the quality of your work to get the next client. It will too often backfire (once is too many times). Stand your ground and offer quality products and quality service. Most customers, unfortunately after experiencing the “cheap” product(s), will come to you for help. And if they do not, it is more than OK too.

And no, it is not the Bumble Bee diner. Be well!

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