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Don’t Wait for the Tradeshows!

Want to put yourself out there in a big way but don’t want to wait for tradeshows? Then don’t! Opportunities for tradeshow-like publicity are all around you, in every community where your business may find itself!

Charity Runs, Back to School Events, Library Extravaganzas, Sports Functions, the possibilities are endless, and promoting your brand while simultaneously giving back to your local community has enormous potential for impact and potential customer engagement. So, get involved! Co-sponsor with other small businesses like yourself, and make sure that each participant is getting a bag of promotional product giveaways to take home.

Don’t want to wait for a trade show to reach out to a premier customer? Use direct mail! While most direct mail use in promotional products is no longer done, that only means that any package you send will have more of a splash! And you don’t need to blow your budget on expensive shipping for heavy items.

Get your logo on item such as phone stands, earplugs, or credit card size multitools, or for those really special clients, something like a laptop bag. These items should all have your logo on it and be sent with a personalized note. This could be a great time to remind them of specials you may have running or even a simple reminder of the services or products your company has to offer, maximizing your impact by tying it into action.

Stay tuned for our last tip coming tomorrow – turning that impact back in on your company for employee retention as your brand grows larger!

Looking for just the right products to maximize your direct outreach opportunities? Looking for ideas and the right prices for your budget? Contact our experts today!


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