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Visibility is the Best Friend of Brand Awareness!

What’s the difference between a business card and a promotional product? One gets filed out of sight, and one can be designed to remain in front of people’s eyes for far longer, and to more sets of eyes than just the recipient as well! Promotional products not only work to help you reach potential customers who don’t know you yet, but they can allow your logo to be viewed dozens of times, keeping that awareness going for months from a single product

But there are ways to maximize this, and you should keep these in mind when planning which product to give away and choosing your give-away opportunities.

Size of the give-away. The size of the promotional product is one thing, but more importantly, you’re going to want to keep in mind the size of the print space. Imagine if you give away a pair of sunglasses. They’re a decent size, and may be used often, but will do better a product with just your logo on it, and not one for writing a longer message. When deciding which product your company should use, keep these questions in mind — where on the product will your logo sit, and how visible will it be? A great one for a big splash can be a canvas bag. Nearly the entire object is now a canvas for spreading awareness of your brand and offerings!

Keep it simple. With a larger print space often comes to temptation to tell your clients as much information as possible, with lots of bullet points, and multiple methods of contact. This is where you must think of your audience. When a person passes by something and it looks like they won’t have time to read all of it, they often won’t read any of it. If it feels tiring or irritating to read, the same calculation will happen, and eyes will drift right over your message. Keep it short! If done right, the product will get them in the door, and that’s when you’ll have the time— and their attention— to tell them what your offerings are in detail.

Keep it an object they will have visible. This is possibly the biggest difference between promotional products and business cards. A business card has no reason to be out and in someone’s hand unless it’s being given. Even the simplest promotional products, such as pens or mugs, have far more possibilities to be out and in front of peoples’ eyes. The more practically usable the product you offer, the more visibility it will get.

Looking for the perfect promotional product for your brand and logo? Looking for more insight from our promotional product experts to launching your brand awareness? Contact us today!


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