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Fiberglass Safety Barriers

We are here to help you keep your hotel, resort, gold club, restaurant... running with safety barrier products. Make your guests and patrons more comfortable. These can be custom branded with your message and logo or just kept blank.

Suspension Barriers

These suspension barriers can be customized to suspend a hanging sneeze guard anywhere you need physical separation.


Sneeze Guards

These sneeze guard kits, manufactured by Gyford Décor, feature modern square or round posts with a satin aluminum finish and durable, clear Rowmark acrylic that’s easy to clean and disinfect.


EZ-Grip Sneeze Guards

Gain maximum visibility with our low profile Ez-Grip sneeze guard kits with Gyford Décor aluminum bases and Rowmark clear acrylic that’s easy to clean and disinfect.


Economy Sneeze Guards

Our freestanding economy sneeze guards are easy to move and position on a variety of counter-tops and desks without any surface damage.


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