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Hotel Gift Shop Promo Items

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Custom hotel gift shop items vary by hotel, location and purpose. We have put together some of the most popular items and items we felt would be a great addition to any hotel gift shops. Feel free to send us suggestions.

By stocking branded merchandise alongside designer trinkets, trendy hotel chains like the Standard, the Ace and the W are reimagining the traditional gift shop.

The anecdote about The Standard appeared in a fascinating article from The Wall Street Journal. Writer Jacob Gallagher makes the point that, to stay relevant to today’s traveler, hotel lobby stores are transforming from pedestrian places to buy deodorant and soda into trendy boutiques that are increasingly being populated, in part, with fashion-forward branded merchandise that captures the hotel’s brand image. Some hotels are also retailing the merch online.

Drinkware (& related)

Self Care

  • Dental Care - HERE

  • Lip Balms - HERE

  • Sun Protection - HERE

  • Essential Oils - HERE

  • Show Polish Sets - HERE

  • Travel Sewing Kits - HERE



Play Time

  • Playing Cards - HERE

  • Frisbees - HERE

  • Fun In The Sun Kits - HERE

  • Playing Dough - HERE

  • Coloring Books - HERE

  • Puzzle Books - HERE

  • More Games - HERE

Pricier Items

  • Purses - HERE

  • Luggage - HERE

  • Beach and Pool Towels - HERE

  • Sno Globe Wireless Speaker - HERE

  • Biggie Powerbank - HERE

  • Kneado Handheld Massage Gun - HERE


  • Travel Pillows - HERE

  • Travel Kits - HERE

  • Hospitality Mints - HERE

  • Jelly Beans - HERE

  • Coasters - HERE

  • Hospitality Stress Reliever - HERE

  • Bags (beach, picnic, all purpose) - HERE

  • Key Chains - HERE


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