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How To Select a Custom Printed Golf Ball

Set your business apart with custom logo golf balls from brands like Titleist, Callaway, Bridgestone, Nike (fading them out) and more.


Golf ball producers utilize various degrees of solidness and various materials in both the center and front of the ball to engage a wide group of spectators. Present day golf ball spreads are commonly made of surlyn, urethane or elastomer. Surlyn is a hard, manufactured material that is the least expensive and most tough of the three, and it is typically found in the fronts of two-piece golf balls. Urethane is a delicate, synethetic material with higher-turn attributes in light of the fact that the club face can "snatch" the ball for somewhat more. Urethane spreads are utilized for the most part on multi-layered balls. Elastomer is the mildest and most costly decision of spread. This less-strong material spreads a significant number of the superior elite balls.

Golf balls come in three main categories

  • Low end Two-Piece Golf Ball - these golf balls balls are lowest in price low construction cost and are great for giveaways. The two-piece golf ball is commonly viewed as a game-improvement ball for apprentices and high-handicappers.. The balls have a strong elastic center and highlights a surlyn or urethane spread. Two-piece balls are intended for distance, less spin and strength. Smaller spin mean less side-turn too, which leads to a straighter shot. The harder cover material keeps the ball from being cut or scraped when miss hit or when it hits an object such as a tree, cart...

  • Mid range Multi-Layered Golf Ball - These golf balls are more expensive and are less durable because of the softer cover. They can also be used for giveaways and tend to be favored by occasional players. Multi-layered golf balls have a small solid or liquid-injected core surrounded by a rubber outer core and a softer urethane cover. Multi-layered balls will tend to feel softer and offer a higher potential spin rate. Because of its softer core, the ball will compress more upon impact, which means the golfer will not lose significant distance when compared to a two-piece ball. Multi-layered golf balls are favored by golfers looking for a softer feel and who need more control on the greens.

  • High range - If you want the best of the best and you play golf regularly, we highly recommend these golf balls. Note that high-performance balls are the most expensive on the market and the least durable. This is the ball of choice for professional and low-handicap golfers. High-performance or hybrid balls tend to be manufactured with a four-piece construction. A four-piece ball has a solid or liquid-injected core. The core is surrounded by a layer of rubber then a thin mantle of ionomer. The cover is made of elastomer and often has a dimple pattern of varying size dimples. It is common for manufacturers to vary the size, shape and placement of the dimples. This dimple design gives a low initial spin, which is good for driving distance, and higher spin with the irons, good for workability. These balls allow for distance, spin-control and feel.

How Do They Make Golf Balls?


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