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Pet Promotional Products

For most pet owners, caring for a pet delivers multidimensional health-boosting effects from boosting cardiovascular health (canines need to be walked rain or shine) to lower stress and unconditional love. Pets can nurture your sense of belonging and give you a deeper sense of purpose, day in day out

The fact is, people are passionate about their pets. bout 65% of U.S. households own a pet, according to a recent survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). And the large majority of owners consider their pets to be family, shelling out big bucks to feed, care for and entertain them. People tend to spend more on their pets than they do on themselves. In 2018 alone, Americans spent approximately $72.56 billion on their pets, up from $69.51 billion a year earlier. Not even a recession seems to slow consumer spending on their furry friends. During the hard times from 2007 and 2009 spending on pets increased from $41.2 billion to $45.5 billion for the period. It seems that, no matter how much people cut back on their daily expenses, they always find room in the budget to spoil their pet family members and offer treats.

Realizing the demand from pet owners and care givers, some of our suppliers have increased their offerings and have even opened new departments dedicated to quality pet promotional items. Your customer can greatly benefit from a pet or pet-related product which can help maintain and grow your business and keep your message in front of your customers.

What business can benefit from pet promotional products?

If you offer any kind of pet care or services, you and your customers can benefit from a pet or pet-related promotional product.

  • Pet hospitals & veterinarians - Grow brand loyalty by putting your logo on pet-related items. The pet hospital industry is growing rapidly veterinarians are trying to personalize healthcare. They want to come across as taking care of the family. As more of these facilities open, so does competition. Branded promotional products can help your business stand out and your customer will appreciate the extra care. Plus, cool items can also help to attract top staff. Competition is fierce, and quality branded items can help you stand out in a crowded recruiting scenario. Pet pamper basket, organic treats, a doggie bed and food and water bowls are great ideas.

  • Pet resorts and spas - A popular item is the dog waste bag dispenser, food scoop and bowls. Other items might include vacuum tumbler, prepackaged dog treats and "chocolates". Typically, these are combined items given for both pets and owners, and can be distributed to clients that spend a certain amount of money at the resort.

  • Pet groomers - A client welcome kit which can include chip clips, pet food lids and T-shirts, paw-shaped jar grippers is a nice way to say thank you.

  • Pet competitive sporting events - Rewards can be given for achieving specific goals.

  • Animal shelters - Create brand awareness, spread anti-cruelty messages and encourage pet adoption.

  • Pet galas (take a look) - Great items could be branded aprons for volunteers, treats and giveaways for canine guests.

  • Local schools - Animal mascot imprinted on a paw print shape with your school name as a giveaway and fundraising item.

  • Banks - give away pet treats for your drive-through clients who happen to have a pet in their car

  • Community events - Food can lids, plastic flyers, bandanas and pet waste bag dispensers are good options

  • Real estate companies - Realtors are always looking for ways to stay top-of-mind in the home with something different.

  • Police or fire departments - Reflective collars and bandanas to promote safety.

  • Pet trade shows - Most trade show participants offer traditional promotional product handouts. Those that offer pet-related products seem to have a significant edge in booth traffic. Another draw to these booths can be a prize wheel, with an assortment of pet products used for giveaways. Trading a spin of the wheel in exchange for information and a pet promotional item is a popular and creative way to increase your contacts list.

  • Pet friendly hotels, resorts and restaurants - Pet friendly is a whole new category of hotels and resorts (find one here). Gifts are a great way to welcome and acknowledge pets so their owners will remember the hotel and come back, plus spread the word to friends. Pet apparel is gaining popularity at these pet-friendly locations and events, and many offer pet clothing, collars and leashes in their gift shops. These hotels are interested in offering both unique and practical items to attract pet owners, and encouraging them to return. An Inn in California presented canine guests with a welcome basket that included special dog biscuits, towels, a mat and a copy of Fido-Friendly magazine.

  • Water utility and environmental companies - Storm water contamination from animals can be a big problem. To raise awareness, doggie waste bag dispenser can be distributed at community events.

Companies realize pets sometimes get more attention than people, so promotions geared toward pets have increased visibility.

Popular pet promotional items

  • Doggie t-shirt - example here

  • Pet Bandana - example here

  • Pet collar/leash - example here

  • Dog waste bag dispensers - example here

  • Pet drinking bowls - example here

  • prepackaged dog treats - Pet pamper basket, organic treats, a doggie bed and food and water bowl (contact us for kit example)

  • Many more ideas HERE

More ideas

  • Pet paw design pens - example here

  • Pet shaped stress relievers - example here

  • Flashlight for nighttime and early morning dog walks - example here

  • Herb-growing kit targeted to pets as a homeopathic treatment for various cat and dog ailments (contact us for kit example)

  • Pet food mats - example here

  • Pet food travel bowl - example here

  • Coloring book - caring for your pet - example here

Some very innovative products include a pet mood collar, featuring stones that change color based on how the pet’s feeling (one mood might be: “Feed Me!” and another “Take Me for a Walk!”).


Here are some very nice videos on pet promotional items!


Pet snacks!


Mini Trash Bag Dispenser



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