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So you know what you want

So you know what type of promotional item you want. You go online. Order the item. It comes in. Looks good.

You just forgot one major thing. Will it suit the way the item will be used?

For example, lets look at power banks. It all seems simple on the surface, but these come in all prices and power output. If you give those to clients, prospects, guests... and they do not meet your intended target market usage habits, your promotional item may end up in a drawer somewhere never to be seen again.

Will these t-shirt even last the race?
Will these t-shirt even last the race?

Another example, you are targeting outdoors enthusiasts or anyone that works outdoors with promotional sweatshirts. These people are likely to wash their shirts more than the average person. If you give them a shirts that is the wrong material, it may fall apart and/or fade away quickly. Again, at best, your promotional gift may end up as a rag.

Getting a promotional product (swag) is not just about price. As a matter of fact, price, although important, should be a second thought, not a first (as with most buyers of these products). Your first thought should be about ROI!

When it come to promotional products, ROI can mean two things.

  • The traditional Return On Investment based on net profit (pure $$$ perspective)

  • Return On Impressions which focuses more on brand image. This ROI is best measured through customer response.

Are you viewing your investment from a pure dollars perspective, or are you focused on making a lasting impression on customers and clients?

There are hundreds of options for any one item you might be interested in. Are you really aware of all your options? Might you be missing out on a promotional product that will give you a greater ROI?

We are professional promotional products distributors with years of expertise in the field. We also focus on the hospitality industry and alternative healthcare industry.

Avoid costly mistakes or getting promo items that do not perform as expected. Our help is FREE! Ask us as many questions as you need to! And of course, our prices are extremely competitive! It's a win win for you!

Whether you already know what you want and just need us to get you great prices or you need help selecting a promotional product, we are here to help.


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