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Take the Time to Tell Your Clients Thank You!

Telling your clients you appreciate their patronage is the key to turning one-time orders into long-term customers. These long-term customers are your business’s life blood and building that relationship and keeping it strong is a goal that requires thinking ahead, knowing how to show them they’re continuing to make the right choice in your brand.

A message of thanks? Not bad. A free giveaway? The same impact, but exponentially stronger and longer lasting. Items given away at board meetings, conferences, and product launches are all part of this. They’re there to make an impression and then play an active role in maintaining it over time.

A ‘swag bag,’ as these bundled giveaways are often called, should be creative and directed at your audience. For example, a mug will be far more exciting to someone who drinks coffee regularly than someone who wouldn’t, such as a child, and vice versa with bubble blowers.

Think of your audience, and make sure every item has your logo and/or your message on it. Just gave a customer great service? Capitalize on that momentum with a quick promotional product and keep that positive feeling going strong!


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