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The Slogan Was Too Wide!

I just need a nice pen with my slogan and logo printed on it!

You want to print your message and logo on a pen so you spend a ton of time finding the perfect pen. You look online, you even get samples. You scrutinize the look of the pen, how well it writes, the pen color and, of course the click mechanism and so many mechanical aspects.

This is it! This is the pen I want! It's perfect!

You send in the order being careful to follow instructions. You get great follow up form the order department. You get the email that says pen is on the way to you. And then....

The pen arrives! Nice pen! Too bad you can barely read what's printed. You see, when it comes to pens (and others), promotional companies have a standard that if it can be printed at 6 point size (in other words tiny), that's good enough! Much too small for the average person to read - unless they use a magnifier!

Don't you wish you knew that? Don't you wish, besides scrutinizing the mechanical aspects of the pen, you also noticed that most, if not all, are only printed with two lines of text and maybe a logo. Don't you wish you had noticed that, when there are a lot of characters in a sentence, everything shrinks because of the width of your sentence. Even if there is still plenty of height available. Which means that what may work as a three line design with short sentences may not work at all when your sentences are long.

Yes, ordering a promotional pen seems so simple! It is not if you want your pen to do the intended job. And there is plenty of valuable information I have not covered in this article.

Please do not waste your money and particularly your time on any promotional item, unless you have done your research first.

Or you can just ask us!

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