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Time to Boost Moral: Let Your Staff Know You Care

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

The upswing in travel is expected only to increase as the hospitality industry recovers from Covid. As hotels prepare to go back to more regular operations and capacities over the next months, start your brand’s recovery with a warm message of gratitude to your company’s greatest asset: your employees. Whether they’re active, furloughed, or if they’ve taken on new responsibilities to get your business through this trying time, now is the perfect time to remind your hardworking staff that you care.

Custom Travel Luggage

Want to remind them that the best times are still ahead? Do it with a travel bag! A beautiful, sturdy travel bag with your company’s logo on it is a great way to boost company pride and expresses how much you look forward to getting to the good times together, as a team.

Throw chocolates or sunglasses or a spare travel charger in there for an instant taste of the new travel opportunities ahead as the world slowly steps out of quarantine and let your home team know you’re their travel partner on their continued career path with your business.

Contact us today for a free quote on a custom bag for your brand!


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