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Travis & Wells Customizable Travel Set

We are proud to introduce the new Travis and Wells collection. The Wells Ashton collection and Lilah collection. Both are customizable items with your brand and message.

Travis & Wells Customizable Travel Set
Travis & Wells Customizable Travel Set

Traditional office spaces are becoming fewer and farther between and our work life is becoming more casual. As we focus more on our work-life balance and as our physical office spaces are changing.

These collections have very approachable price points which marry really well with a more relaxed and approachable work aesthetic. Though these items have a simplified and Casual look, they retain the quality and refinement of the Travis and Wells collection brand.

The Ashton collection utilizes high quality refined materials that are both durable and have a simple sophistication. It also utilizes high quality metal detailing in the hardware in the ziper.

The Lilah collection also utilizes the same metal detailing but has a softer more feminine feel.

As someone who travels often for work it is great to offer the Ashton and Lilah Travis and Wells collections that truly address the needs of modern professionals.


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