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Virtual Proofs & Mockups

What is a Virtual Proof?

A virtual proof, is a way for you to see exactly how your design will look when printed on the promo item you select. We provide digital proofs with most order types so that you can see how the design will look on your promo item before you complete your order. Our designers will take the design that you provided and lay it out on a digital image of the item, and position it properly so that you can approve the layout of the design.

Keep in mind that monitors do not always tell the full story and, for most items, we also make available physical hard proof , you want to be confident that what you're seeing on the screen is what you're going to achieve.

What is a Mockup?

At time you might not have time to get a virtual proof but may be able to get a mockup. A mockup is created by superimposing your artwork on a product and should give you a general idea of what the final product might look like.

Physical Proof Samples

By far the most accurate proof is a physical proof sample of the item you selected with your design decorated on it . We do offer these and the cost varies by item selected and imprint methods. We will often credit teh cost of the physical sample after you place a quantity order with us for

Tips for Reviewing an Online PDF Proof

For All Products:

  • Crop Marks - The short lines in the corner represent where your product will be cut. Everything within the crop marks will be printed and part of your finished product.

  • Orientation - Your product will be printed in the same orientation as your proof and the paper will be flipped left-to-right. Keep this in mind when viewing your proof. If you want your product to be printed in another orientation, please decline your proof and re-upload revised files that reflect the correct orientation.

  • Color (CMYK) - If you have chosen Digital or Offset print process, note that our proofs are created using CMYK color profile U.S. Sheetfed Coated v2. If you see a difference between your original files and our proof, you may decline the proof and re-upload revised files that are prepared in the same color profile we use. Read more about online PDF proofs here.

Products w/ Die Lines: Door Hangers, Envelopes, GC Holders, Hang Tags, Mini Boxes, Presentation Folders, Greeting Cards, Brochures

  • Dieline / Mockup File - This file includes a dieline which represents the final cuts and folds (if applicable) of your product. It will not be printed in your final product.


  • Page Count - Your proof includes all pages (sides) of your booklet, including the covers.

Classic Stickers

  • Thru-cut line (cyan outline) in your proof represents how your sticker will be cut (it will not be printed).

Kiss-Cut Stickers or Sticker Sheets

  • Kiss-Cut Line (magenta) - This represents the inner cut of your sticker that will peel away from the backing.

  • Thru-Cut Line (cyan) - This represents the outer cut of your sticker.

Wrapping Paper

  • Size - The size of your proof is 24” x 72” and this will be repeated throughout the length of your wrapping paper.


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