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What Is a Bag Gusset?

A gusset is an extra piece of fabric that makes bags roomier and allows for wider expansion. In some bags, it can add extra strength to the bag. Gussets tend to be found in larger and fancier bags.

There are two types of gussets. Although some more unusual variations are possible. We offer bags with gussets, without gussets and variations.

Bottom only gusset

Bag with bottom gusset

All around gusset bag

bag with all around gusset

And just in case you are curious. Here is an example of a bag with no gussets

Bag with no gusset

Of course there is much more to selecting a bag than whether or not it has a gusset--and we would be happy to help you ensure that you get the proper bag to suit your needs. To request a quote on promotional bags or have a question answered, please click this link!


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