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Where To Print Or Embroider On a Towel

When deciding where to print or embroider on a towel, consider the following factors:

Custom Printed Towels
  • Size of the Design: Depending on the size of your design or logo, you'll need to choose an appropriate space on the towel. For smaller designs, consider areas like the corner or a specific section of the towel. For larger designs, you might utilize the center or spread it across the entire towel.

  • Visibility: Ensure that the printed or embroidered design will be visible when the towel is in use. Avoid placing the design where it might get covered when the towel is folded or draped over a towel rack.

  • Durability: Consider areas that are less prone to wear and tear. Avoid areas where the fabric might stretch or fold frequently, as this could cause the design to deteriorate over time.

  • User Comfort: Ensure that the printed or embroidered design does not interfere with the comfort of the user. Avoid placing it in areas where it might come into direct contact with the skin during use.

  • Personal Preference or Branding: Depending on your personal preference or branding requirements, you might choose to place the design in a specific location that aligns with your aesthetic or brand identity.

Common placements for printing or embroidering on towels include:

  • Bottom Corner: This is a popular choice for smaller designs or logos. It's often unobtrusive and allows the design to be visible without interfering with the functionality of the towel.

  • Center or tri-fold center: Placing the design in the center of the towel can create a bold statement, especially for larger designs. However, consider that this area might get covered when the towel is folded or draped over a towel rack.

  • Border or Hem (left or right): Some towels feature a border or hem along the edges, which can be a suitable location for printing or embroidering a design. This area is less likely to experience wear and tear during use.

  • Across the Entire Towel: For promotional or branding purposes, you might choose to print or embroider a design across the entire towel. This creates a visually striking effect but requires careful consideration of the design's size and placement to ensure it remains functional.

  • Horizontal top or bottom: Although very uncommon it is certainly an option for situation where the logo will show best depending on where and how teh towel is used or placed.

Ultimately, the placement of the design on the towel should balance visibility, durability, user comfort, and personal preference or branding requirements.


Towel Printing Methods Video


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