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Why Promotional Products Work? A Few Reasons!

Awards – employee retention is higher when he/she is recognized for their work. When there are cutbacks in a company and workloads are heavier for the remaining employees it is crucial to

make sure they are recognized for their efforts and their successes. Employee retention is MUCH more cost effective than having to retrain new employees.

Often there is critical information on products – Just like the story about the emergency contact information on a pen that was in a vehicle involved in an accident!

Reinforcement of positive messages – additionally – calendars give the BEST exposure – mugs, pens, and items that require interaction – people touch and feel the products while subliminally absorbing the information - message on the items!

Remember too – that out of site = out of mind! the ones that want to pull back on advertising will eventually be superceded by the company that advertises


Everyone has a kitchen (almost everyone)!


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