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Why Use a Dedicated Promotional Product Professional?

Your time is your most precious commodity. So lets go straight to the point.

Yes, you can go online to a "self-serve" supplier and find your own promotional item but here is why you should

  1. There is no chance that you know the swag business like we do

  2. And no, there is no chance that we know your business like you do! But you might want to know that we focus on only two industries, Hospitality and Alternative Healthcare, and have a good grasp of these industries.

  3. What you see online when you order may be so much different from the final product you receive. Example, a client wanted to order a pen. Looked great on his big screen. When it arrived, you could barely read the print. He just had no concept of print area, pen color contrast, material used, printing method...

  4. You could always order 100 samples from a variety of online suppliers. Then again, who has the time? Certainly not anyone who works in the hospitality or alternative healthcare industry. And maybe 100 samples is still not enough to make sure you have the right promotional product with the right look.

  5. You may believe that you will find a unique, cool and relevant promotional swag that your competition does not but you are likely fooling yourself. Most "self-serve" online stores need to sell large amounts and keep inventory to what is popular. In other words, you will end up with what everyone else is also offering to their clients and prospects.

  6. Maybe what you need is not the newest and latest. A variation on the same theme may actually help you stand out and gain an advantage over your competition. Such things as a different decorating method, a variation on the item shape, a low cost addition in the presentation of your promotional item like a fancy box and more.

  7. You have created a promotional strategy that includes giveaways. Your goal is to build relationships both outside and inside your company. A good professional distributor can help insure that you have maximized the potential of the promotional product you wish to use or show you alternatives you might not be aware of. Request ideas & Quotes!

  8. Even if you do happen to find the right promotional item or swag, getting the lowest price (or cost) and a good quality product, we are sure, is what you want for your money (investment). After all, marketing budgets in the Hospitality and Alternative Healthcare industry are already tight enough. there is not a penny available to waste! And certainly no time to waste either!

  9. And a BIG last but not least, there are the tradeshows! Lets just share an example. I have a client, which I have worked with for many years. I know him. I know his business. I know what his goals are and more. So now, every-time I go to a tradeshow, I think of him and the promo items that might benefit his business growth and his interests. He loves the samples and ideas and so do his clients (to whom he actually sells the promo items).

  10. And an even bigger last and certainly not least! There is safety! As we have discussed before, procuring safe products, for your company and for your end users, matters a great deal.

  11. Should we keep going? Don't you want your promotional campaign to be truly successful and memorable? I am sure you do.

  12. This is where, a dedicated (you want get someone new every time you contact us for help) promotional product professional can help, as he/she will listen to what your business is all about, and then provide you with promotional items that fit your bill to a tee.

We would be happy to send you quotes, ideas and yes, samples before you order for your next campaign or event.

If you would like to be contacted at a specific time of the year, please tell us and we will make sure to do so. We look forward to working with you! Have a great day!


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