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Will Your Guests Remember You?

Philippe MD - PE Staff Marketing

My wife and I love going away locally for short getaways. In the many hotels we stayed at, it is amazing to me that none offered even a small token of a gift, such as a simple fridge magnet, so that I would easily remember where we had stayed. I must say that, even in hotels where we had a wonderful experience, as time passed, we could not recall the exact name of the hotel brand. Was it a Marriott? Was it a Westin? Maybe it was a Fairfield! The fact is, these are all Marriott owned brands but to remember which takes mental effort or digging up some old receipts – so passé. Is it even worth the time? Maybe! Maybe not!

Hospitality Promotional Gifts
Hospitality Promotional Gifts

I do collect business cards but these get lost somewhere in my home or just wear out and get thrown away. My fridge on the other hand is always where I left it. So is my can or bottle opener or my emergency light. And my cell charger too! And I am sure you can think of many other items you use everyday that could be branded with your contact information and given to guests at checkout.

According to Expedia, less than 0.5% of their customers search for a particular hotel brand when performing a hotel search. Really? Oh, what a surprise! Would it be amazing if I could just look at my fridge and readily find the name of my favorite hotel? Forget the OTAs. This, in term of easy access, they cannot beat. And every time I use my can opener, there it is; imprinted with a reminder of my favorite get away spot.

Yes, people do love meaningful and useful gifts. And these do not have to be expensive. Why oh why don’t hotels, resorts, inn… give away even inexpensive branded reminders.

"Over the years there have been literally hundreds of studies"..."these studies show that considerable information capable of informing decisions and guiding actions is perceived even when observers do not experience any awareness of perceiving". Philip Merikle, Department of Psychology, University of Waterloo

Just like billboards, promotional products, when designed correctly, can catch a person's attention and create a hundreds of memorable impressions Unlike billboards, promotional items have a much lower cost per impression. Even online ads cannot compare in terms of cost per impression. The fact is, the cost per impression of the right promotional item is less than any other form of advertising. And that does not take into account the lost opportunity costs.

Please, please let us help, so that the next time your guests or I need to get away from it all, we will have your contact information right there in front of us.


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