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With Restrictions Lifting, Your Customers Are Ready to Come Back. But Are You?

With such a long period of time since families have been out on vacation, there is a rare opportunity for hospitality. The slate is clean. Those first memories out after covid can leave a real impression, and now is the time to make sure your brand is ready to maximize it.

Not only are there climbing number of families planning to travel in 2021, restless and ready to get out again after covid restrictions—a report by Travel Technology Association cited a survey suggesting as high as 82%—but a high percentage are looking to drive instead of flying, which means hospitality stays both at their final destination and en route.

But how do you get them to choose you?

It all goes back to that magic combination in customer service: positive consistency. You pride yourself on being exactly what your customers need, and now the time is better than ever to show it, and to send that good impression on the road to keep the customers coming and coming back!

While people may be ready to hit the road again, the feeling of caution after the many restrictions and with the ones still in pace can make people cautious or nervous to be staying outside their home. This is the first place your hospitality can shine. Put them at ease with custom covid sanitation kits, breakfast to go bags in place of the traditional (and far more contact heavy) buffet or continental, spare masks, or even just those ever useful and convenient spray hand sanitizers!

And don’t stop there. Maximize the impact of their stay by putting your logo on each item you send them with. With restrictions just lifting, you may see a trend of in customers just coming out for a quick weekend to start, and what better time to leave the best possible impression and give them a brand to visit again in the future!

Reach out today for a free quote on how to get your brand first in line for the re-emerging tourist industry!


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