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Four Benefits of Wearing a Mesh Hat

Updated: Jan 19

When shopping for a hat people usually choose one that looks good on them, then they consider comfort. If they plan on spending a lot time outside in cold weather, then warmth and durability will also be considerations. If you’re a nature lover who enjoys fishing, hunting, or birdwatching there are so many hats you could choose.

Mesh Hat

As you head outdoors to enjoy whatever activity you have planned, a mesh hat offers several advantages over other types of hats:

Less Sweat Means More Comfort

When you’re outdoors, your hat keeps you warm while protecting you from the sun. But on a warm day, the hat may keep you too warm, causing you to perspire. The last thing you want is a build-up of sweat, which often occurs with a regular hat.

With a mesh hat your head can breathe. Any heat gets released through the tiny holes in the mesh, preventing any buildup of sweat. After wearing a dark colored had for a few hours in the sun you’ll often notice sweat stains around the edges. This won’t happen with a mesh hat since it will regulate the temperature of your head.

The mesh also prevents you from periodically having to take your hat off to cool down. The air flowing through the mesh keeps you comfortably cool while still keeping you warm without any sweating.

Lightweight Enough to Float

Mesh hats are lightweight by design, which means they’re perfect for outdoor water activities. Most mesh hats will float on water, so if it falls off and ends up in the pool or lake it will float, allowing you to easily retrieve it.

The design of mesh hats also keeps them from getting soaked if they do get wet. This means they dry quickly, so you can put your hat back on again and continue enjoying your day.

Fishing or Hunting License Can be Displayed

If you are planning to go fishing or hunting you will need to display your license. With a regular hat you’d likely have to use a safety pin to attach it to your hat.

But with a mesh hat it can easily be attached at the corners through the tiny holes in the mesh. This means that the fabric of your hat doesn’t have to be damaged and there will be no risk of tearing your license while trying to remove it.

Size Can be Adjusted

As you engage in certain outdoor activities, you may want to wear some type of accessory on your head along with your hat. For example, many people strap a GoPro camera on their head to video their outdoor adventures. Or you may want to wear a headlamp if you’re going on a night hike.

Once an accessory like these are put on your head, a regular fitted hat may no longer fit properly. But a mesh hat can easily be adjusted because it has a snap back. This is why these hats are so popular. You are able to adjust the size of the hat to fit over or under all kinds of outdoor head accessories like large headphones, or earplugs.

Owning a mesh hat means that you have a comfortable hat to wear no matter what your planned outdoor activity might be.


One of the ways that you can use these hats is for business promotion. You can give them away as free gifts to promote your brand. They can be used to create more brand awareness to a certain audience you are targeting in your business. All you need to do is to ensure that they are customized according to your specific business goals. They should also be designed in a way that will pass the message that you want in an effective and easier manner to your target audience. You can put your own business logo to ensure that your business is noticed easily.


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