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Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Being sustainable makes sense from a personal as well as a business standpoint.

On a personal level, it can improve health. On a commercial level it can save money. And who doesn’t want to improve the quality of the air we breathe?

Replacing the use of toxic materials used in many promotional items or swag with more

sustainable options is safer for you, your clients and your employees. It reduces hazardous waste, and reduces potentially expensive liability for your business.

We all benefit from cleaner, healthier products. It's for your community and as a neighbor and member of your community, we have the opportunity to set good examples and be responsible steward of the environment.

Any air pollution or waste generated by any promotion can impact your business and your local community. As a business owner and community leader, the example set by your business practices can help create a more sustainable region that is healthier for everyone - ourselves, our kids, and our shared future.

Besides, being ecologically responsible may be required! That’s right; several executive orders and laws require businesses to reduce their environmental footprint by conserving energy and water, reducing waste, increasing recycling, and purchasing greener products such as eco-friendly promotional products.

As the owner and manager of a business we must do our part to help the environment we all share. If you are not ready to look into sustainable ways to run your business, maybe you can wait until Earth Day where your message may have a bigger impact.

Will consumers appreciate that you might have paid more to be environmentally responsible? A Forbes article indicates that 88% Of Consumers Want You To Help Them Make A Difference! A 2017 study revealed that 92% of consumers have a more positive image of a company when the company supports an environmental cause.

Need help selecting an eco-friendly promotional item? Let us help!


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