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Tradeshows and Events – How to Maximize Your Impact in a Sea Of Products?

Tradeshows and events are a strange mix of opportunity to reach more people than ever, and a harrowing level of competition to stand out among many others who are doing the same thing right next to you.

The key is knowing how to tip that balance in your favor! Standing out is not complicated – it’s about knowing who you’re reaching out to at the event and customizing your offerings to that audience. Here are two top tips for bringing awareness of your brand to two of the most common people you will encounter at a tradeshow.

We’ll call them The Casual Stroller, and The Business Relationship in the Making.

The Causal Stroller likely has never seen your brand before. They’re usually at the event or tradeshow for reasons other than sourcing the particular need you hope to fill. To brag their attention, your offerings need to be quick and useful, and doing even fifteen minutes of research into the topic of the event and the type of people being marketed to can have a major payoff in choosing your promotional product offerings.

When was the last time you went to a high-powered business event, smart phone in hand, and walked right past the table offering pencils? Your eyes skipped right past them to the next table. Offering objects that won’t be used is offering objects that won’t be taken. You will spend the time and effort to get to the event only to stall out at your table.

Instead, for a business convention, offer something people will use often, such as a stylus pen.

Useful as a simple pen, but more complex, it can allow you to stand out, while simultaneously providing something that a smart phone user will find immediately helpful, on both their smart phones as well as other touchscreen appliances back at the office, such as printers. It’s these small changes to product offering that can have a dramatic effect on impact in a crowd.

The Business Relationship in the Making requires a bigger offering. This is the kind of thing you keep under the table, special and out of sight. It is what you will give instead of the easily lost business card, and it will be for those who stop and talk and who seem like a great match for the product or services you have to offer.

Keep it special by not giving it out to everyone who passes, and as with the stylus pens, keep it relevant to the audience you believe will be present at the event. Remember, the likelihood of people pursuing your business for a need will often depend on their impression of you, and keeping that impression positive and that impact memorable will be what makes you stand out from the rest of the event to your future clients.

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