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Wedding Shows Promotional Products

Here are a few great ideas for your next wedding show. These were selected for their popularity or novelty. Note that, this is not an all inclusive list and we would be happy to help you find the next promo item for your next Wedding Show that would meet your needs.

These swag are sure to leave a lasting, positive impression!

  • Bags - Bags are by far, or should be by far, the most used branded item at a wedding show. Brides are most often on the hunt for tote bags when they arrive at a show, and they are excited to receive them. Bags have the added benefit for you to include additional promotional pieces and goodies inside the bag. Bags are likely to receive the most impressions and allow for your logo to display nice and large.

  • Lip balm - lip balms say "An Adventure Awaits" and are the perfect giveaways for weddings (also great for travel themed baby showers and bridal showers).

  • Hand Sanitizer - Perfect for outdoor events, these travel-size sanitizers makes sure that guests hands are not only clean but are also enriched with aloe to keep hands soft (not all hand sanitizers have aloe).

  • Balloon Giveaway Program - It's simple, you order the balloons in whatever increments you want (minimums apply) , you give out a Balloon Certificate and we take care of the rest for each certificate redeemed.

  • Nail File/set - Nothing can ruin a perfect wedding day quite like an unfortunate nail situation. Nail files are the perfect fix and a cute gift to take home!

  • Small Tylenol - One thing wedding photographers learn pretty quickly is to be prepared for anything. Advil, Tylenol, Midol... are often overlooked and can be crucial at weddings.

  • Tape Measure - Personalized tape measures make fun and unexpected wedding favors. These can be handed out as wedding favors to let guests know that "your love is immeasurable."

  • Shot Glass - These can be given to guests as wedding favors and can be used during the reception! These shot glass wedding favors are very budget-friendly and can be made of plastic or glass.

  • Chocolate - Chocolate wedding favors are the ultimate crowd pleasers.

  • Photo Frame - Frame special memories. Weddings are an important milestone and deserve a spot on the wall of memories.

  • Wedding Cake Jar Opener - A new twist on the classic rubber jar openers.

Need more ideas for wedding promos? Have Questions? Need Quotes?


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